Digital Radio

On Thursday, December 13th 2007, WTBI Radio implemented exciting new technology for our listeners thanks to God's grace and the generosity of His people.

The changes are detailed below:

  • Our FM signal is now broadcast on 91.5MHz on your radio instead of the old 91.7MHz "frequency". You may need to change any radio presets on your radio(s).
  • In order to increase the range of the FM broadcast signal and therefore increase our potential listening audience, we've increased our power to 22,500 watts.
  • In addition to the signal of our FM station being available to traditional "analog" radio receivers, we also have a "digital" (aka "HD Radio") signal available to those with digital radio or "HD Radio" receivers. This change enables those with a digital radio to experience an increase in audio quality and also allows listeners to choose from multiple simultaneous "channels" of content offered by WTBI Radio. Our main digital broadcast is on the 91.5.1 frequency.

Keep checking this website for further details on our digital radio channels. If you would like information on acquiring a digital radio receiver, feel free to contact us.

Pictures of the construction that took place at the site of our FM station tower & transmitter. This construction helped facilitate the installation of new antennas that are a part of the recent improvements to WTBI Radio.

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